Conclusions on Sleep Deprivation


Interest by state
  1. South Dakota

  2. New Mexico

  3. Nebraska

  4. Connecticut

  5. Hawaii

Over Time

Searches for sleep deprivation spiked in September, around when school started. This shows that sleep deprivation is connected to teenagers and school start times. Overall the searches in the summer were lower than other times during the year.

No matter the age or location of anyone in the world, it is clear that sleep deprivation is a worldwide epidemic. Not sleeping a recommended amount has serious effects including making us eat more, slowing reaction times in incidents, and even leading to type two diabetes. Although it is up to the individual to take responsibility for getting into bed earlier, public policy and early school and work times have a negative effect on people sleep as well. In all, sleep deprivation is an issue that needs to be addressed and if it is, not only will people's sleep improved but it can help make the world more productive too.

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